Hi there,

I know I only posted last Friday but I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. So much has happened this past week, I got a second job working at a cute little café, received an offer to study nursing at University and I also went to Melbourne. I will do a post on that but I already have so many others planned that it may take a while.

Anyway getting into todays blog post, recently I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year and what I can do to have a great year. Hopefully this blog post will keep me accountable for completing these goals and also inspire others to work on improving their own year.

1.Try to have a positive outlook. I have a bad habit of stressing over things that don’t even end up happening so this year I want to have more of a glass half full outlook and not stress as much.

2.Do more of the things that scare me. I want to try a lot of new things this year and  step outside my comfort zone. I’m hoping to travel this year (maybe by myself) which is definitely outside my comfort zone

3.Make my new year’s resolutions reasonable. I kept it a bit simple this year and narrowed my 2017 goals down to three things, 1.get another job (which I’ve already ticked off), 2.get my P’s and 3.get a car. I’m most stressed about number two because driving still makes me anxious.

4.Make more time for myself this year. I really want to have more “me” days, my parents would argue that everyday of my life is a “me” day but I can already sense that this year will be hectic.

5.Surround yourself with positive people. This s something I am really trying to focus on this year, I want to put myself out there more and be more open to making new friends. Also I want to cut off all my toxic relationships which will be a lot easier to do now that I’m out of school.

6.Exercise. I don’t mean “exercise one hour every day and go on a diet” I mean exercise to release endorphins and make yourself happy. Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym everyday, it can be going for a swim or taking the dogs for a walk.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. What are you going to focus on and improve in 2017?

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Lil out xx


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