Hey guys,

I promise this will be the last new years related post haha. A new year can bring about new opportunities but also new stress. Whether you are in school, have just finished school or are working, here are some stress relieving activities that help me.

1.Listening to music or creating music. I find that the right music always calms me down and takes my mind off what is stressing me but occasionally I’ll play my guitar or keyboard and create other music to express how I feel.


2.Pausing. I find it helpful in stressful situations to just pause, close my eyes and try to focus on the furthest away noise I can hear. I guess you could say it’s kind of like meditating but I find it very helpful even if I only do it for a minute.

3.Focusing on your hobbies. Doing something that you are good at or love always helps to decrease your stress levels.


4.Youtube.There are many meditating/relaxation songs to help with stress, one of them being Weightless by Marconi Union. I found this song the other day and it’s meant to decrease your heart rate and make you more relaxed. Personally I listen to videos of storms and rain because I always find that comforting.

5.Go for a run or a swim. This always helps me to focus on what is important and drown out whatever is making me feel anxious.


6.Exercise. In general any exercise will release endorphins and help combat your stress. Personally I love boxing to help me get out a lot of pent up rage.

7.Reading. Focussing on the story line and characters in the book always takes you away from your own problems and transports you into the book.


8.Go Driving. Any kind of traveling and constant moving helps me to think and clear my mind to hopefully get a better perspective on everything. It’s easy to change your perspective when you are further away from whatever is causing your stress.


9.Treat yourself. when I’m really stressed I like to have some me time, have a spa day and take a bath or even buy myself something new.


10.consoul in a friend. It always makes me feel better once I’ve talked about my problems and gained someone else’s perspective on the issue.

Thank you for reading and I hoped this helps you with overcoming your stress for the new year.

What is your favourite way to de-stress?

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Lil out xx




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