G’day mate,

Today I decided not only to be a stereotypical Aussie but also share with you some of my favourite travelling songs (part two).

  • Unsteady – X ambassadors
  • Call it home – Cinder
  • Sweat – Pierre Stemmett
  • Endless of Arms – Feeld
  • Silver and Gold – Wild
  • Quicksand – Katie and I
  • See you in Peru – Sophie Elizabeth
  • Every little Beat – Anthem Academy featuring Allie Crystal
  • Wlves and the water- Edward R
  • Where you wanna be – Charles William
  • Remember – Sutherland
  • Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

Thank you for reading and I hoped enjoyed my music suggestions.

What is your favourite travelling song/s?

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Lil out xx



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