G’day mate,

So basically I went to Melbourne with my family again mid January but I had so many other blog posts lined up and scheduled that I couldn’t actually post this until almost a month later. If some of what’s in this post doesn’t add up time wise it’s because of that reason. With that in mind let me share with you, yet again, my adventures in Melbourne.

It was so weird going back to Melbourne, thinking of all the things in my life that have changed since the last time I went in 2016. This year I stayed right on China town which I was ecstatic about because I love Asian culture (especially their food).

Sunday 15/1/17

My day started at 3:45am, I woke up, finished packing and drove to the airport with my family to catch our 6:10am flight to Melbourne. After arriving we dropped out luggage at the hotel and went for a walk around the city and did a bit of shopping.


The highlight of my day was in Myers toy section, omg they had everything. My parents and I just ended up messing around and taking funny photos in Myers for half an hour.

I am the hero that Gotham deserves


I bought these super cute Peter Alexander undies.


Next I bought these adorable pants and shirt from Dangerfield



Lastly I bought this polaroid frame from a cute little décor shop tucked away down an alley.

That night we went out for dinner to one of the many restaurants along China town, The Shangrila palace.



Monday 16/1/17

This was definitely my favourite day of the trip because we went to the zoo. I can not express how much I love animals and how interesting I find them. The zoo was amazing, all the enclosures were massive but you were still able to get close to the animals.







We spent most of the day at the zoo then later at night went to the Australian open to see Roger Federer (my mums crush). We didn’t get back to the hotel until after midnight and I was exhausted so I went to bed straight away.

Tuesday 17/1/17

On the third day we rented a car and went on a road trip. We went to Torquay, Bells beach (famous for its surfing competitions) and we travelled along the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. That led us to Queens cliff where we found the most beautiful old style hotel converted into a house.


We took a ferry from Queens cliff to Sorrento where we visited heaps of cute little shops. From their we started to head back to Melbourne passing the Brighton beach huts we visited last year and only stopping at St Kilda to have a break from the road.

On the ferry to Sorrento


Wednesday 18/1/17

On the fourth day we just wandered around and did a bit more shopping. Surprise surprise I bought another shirt from Dangerfield.

It’s this adorable sushi button down shirt with a peter pan collar. Even though I don’t really eat sushi, I thought it was super cute.

We then went and had a snack from this adorable donut shop.



We did a bit of exploring around the little alley ways. We discovered this beautiful old church and a bunch of popular alleyways covered in graffiti. (personal favourite is the goat, cause it reminds me of the one from goat simulator).



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Melbourne.

Are you planning a trip some time this year and if so where to?

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Lil out xx


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