G’day Mates,

It’s official, I have become the best packer in the world (as decided upon by me and my family). After a weekend trip to the coast followed by a week trip to Cairns followed by a week family trip followed by another 4 day trip to Melbourne, I believe I have become a very efficient packer. So here are some of my important tips and trips.

Carry on luggage/backpack:

Always remember to make a list of things to pack, this goes for both check in luggage and carry on luggage. For example my carry on luggage list consists of:

  • My phone
  • ear phones
  • hand sanitiser
  • snacks
  • a water bottle
  • a good book to read
  • a note book to write down ideas
  • my daily planner
  • lip balm

Check in/suitcase:

  • Having a Capsule Wardrobe – make sure everything matches everything to ensure you pack less but still have a bunch of cute functional outfits.
  • Space for purchases – keep in mind that while you are away there is a massive possibility that you will buy lots of clothes and trinkets so ensure there is room for them.
  • No big bags – Don’t use bags that are unnecessarily too big because it will encourage you to fill the space and therefore pack things you don’t need.
  • Pack for the weather – this ones pretty self explanatory
  • Roll your clothes – I honestly didn’t believe this worked but it really does. It saves so much space and keeps things from getting wrinkled.
  • Cling wrap jewellery – This helps stop necklaces from getting knotted and tangled.
  • Mesh compartments – I use the mesh compartments in the top of my suitcase for my socks, bras and undies, any clutch bags and flat shoes such as sandals or thongs (as in flip flops but we call them thongs in Australia)
  • Dirty laundry bag – I normally just use a plastic bag and I also take extra because you never know when you might need a plastic bag.
  • Wear your heaviest jacket and shoes- to save space wear your heaviest items of clothing on the flight
  • Using hotel towels – save space by using the hotel towels provided


Thank you for reading and I hoped this helped you with packing for various trips and adventures.

Where is somewhere you really want to travel? What are some of your packing tips?

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Lil out xx


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