G’day mate,

I am finally 18, my birthday was on the 17th and I was lucky enough to spend the weekend celebrating with my friends and family.

Friday the 17th:

On the day of my birthday I had a pretty chill day and just prepared things for the party I was throwing at my house that night. I organised to have a pool party so I strung lights all above the pool area and had glow sticks fill the bottom of the pool. I also had a photo booth set up (cause I LOVE photo booths) and what would an 18th party be without beer pong? I have finally found what I’m good at, I won two out of three games. I’m the new beer pong champion in the family haha.



Saturday the 18th:

Surprisingly  I didn’t have a hangover but I was really tired. My friends and I planned to do a pub crawl. We went to 5 different places and even though I had a bit to drink I was totally fine. It was a really fun night full of dancing and laughing. We even found this cute little alley way to take photos in.


Sunday the 19th: 

I attended a family lunch on the Sunday and there were bagpipe musicians playing at the restaurant where we were having lunch. When they figured out it was my birthday they played happy birthday for me. It was great but I had been drinking the past two nights and I was a little seedy and had a bit of a headache so the bagpipes didn’t really help. Never the less, it was amazing.

I wont go through everything I got for my birthday, I’ll just point out some of my favourite presents.

From my parents I got this gorgeous Mimco bag that I picked out in Melbourne.



From my two Aunties and my Grandma I got this beautiful and elegant Swarovski necklace.


From my brother I got a tattoo voucher. I AM FINALLY GOING TO GET MY FIRST TATTOO OMG?!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

When is your birthday?

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Lil out xx


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