G’day mate,

I was approached by Mikasa Beauty to review some of their brushes.

Full disclosure, I was given a discount and a free beauty blender. Never the less I intend to give my honest opinion on the product.

I ordered the oval brush set, I have always wanted to try the oval brushes but they always seemed so expensive. The Mikasa brush sets are definitely more affordable than other oval brush sets I’ve seen. The order arrived surprising quick considering most packages take ages to arrive because STRAYA MATE (literally everything I order is on the other side of the world). So let’s put it’s quality to the test.


The Techni 06 is the biggest brush in the set and feels very soft on the skin. I used it to apply my foundation, it gives a beautiful finish. However, I am personally more of a fan of using a beauty blender for my foundation. I just think it gives a more natural finish with no brush marks. I also found that it wasn’t great at covering my spots and blemishes as much as a beauty blender would but that’s my personal opinion on all brushes.

I did use this brush later on to bake my face with loose powder and I thought that was a much better use for the brush. It didn’t make the powder clump together as much as it would if you applied it with a beauty blender which I was really impressed with.


When going back over my foundation I used the lemon drop beauty blender and I really liked it. The finish was amazing, so natural but still had a good coverage over my spots.  Also I think the name is super cute kind of reminds me of lemon grab from adventure time haha.


The Techni 02 is the next size down in the set, I used this brush for contouring. I am not the best at contour but this blended it really well and looked amazing. The brush picks up a good amount of product and is very soft on the skin.


The Techni L2 is definitely my favourite out of the set. I used it for my nose contouring and I really like it. It’s the perfect size and shape and makes nose contouring so much quicker and easier. This is definitely one of my new favourite brushes.


The Techni C2 is supposed to be used for eyeshadow but I am not the biggest fan of this brush. I have really delicate eyes and I just felt that out of all the brushes this one was the most stiff and required more work to blend out the makeup compared to the other brushes. I don’t know if it just needs time to become less stiff but I won’t be using this brush very often.

Here is the finished makeup look using the brushes


So overall all the handles on the brushes are very secure but some of the brushes seem to be better at their jobs than others. My favourites are definitely the lemon drop and the Techni L2, I also really loved the Techni O2.

If you want to try out the brushes I’ll put a link to the Mikasa Beauty oval brush set  here. I am very happy with my purchase because I know I’ll definitely get use out of the beauty blender and the contouring brushes.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you try out the brushes I’d love to know what your opinion of them is.

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Lil out xx




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