G’day mate,

It is time to clear out  my closet. I really enjoy watching vlogs of people doing this kind of thing so I thought it would be interesting to try and set it out in blog form.I think it’s very important to be constantly getting rid of/giving away things you no longer need. I thought this post would be a good way to encourage some of you to give away things that you no longer need..

I literally have everything in my closet (not just clothes) so I have a lot of random things in my wardrobe. I even have this box of just random things in the bottom of my wardrobe so that all had to go.

I try to start from the bottom of my wardrobe and work my way up. I normally start with my dresser then I go through the clothes hanging up in my wardrobe and from there I move onto shoes, bags and accessories. I also like to clean out my makeup and skin care drawers.


 I ended up getting rid of quiet a few things like clothes, shoes, old room décor things, bags etc.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the skeletons in my closet or that maybe it motivates you to clean out your own.

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Lil out xx


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