G’day mate,

Easter is officially over but the Royal Easter Show hasn’t gotten the message yet. My family and I decided to check out the cotton candy and rollercoaster rides for the day. I love carnival rides and unfortunately I’m the only one in the family that really does which meant I spent a lot of time at the show dragging my Dad onto the rides with me.


Here’s one of the rides I went on with him and we both got absolutely saturated.


One ride which everyone in the family did go on was the Ferris wheel, having the best view of the show ground.



The show grounds had heaps of other colourful rides (mainly for kids) but the one I found the most beautiful was the carousel. I have always loved them and I can’t really explain why, they’ve always just seemed so magical.


At the show they also had lots of expos such as food, fashion and style, photography and art and a lot of animal shows.


You can kind of see the obstacle course, in the photo above, where they were holding dog trials (I’m not sure what it is technically called). One of the dogs actually stopped right before a jump to do a poo which everyone in the crowd, including myself found quiet funny.


In one of the food expos I found these things called “donut puff balls” and OMG!!! You guys know how much I love cinnamon, these things were amazing.


 Another thing they had on at the show was a cars and motorbikes expo. He’s kind of hard to see but if you zoom in, in between the two ramps you can see one of the motorcyclists mid jump.

It was an amazing day, I think we were there for about six hours, maybe more. The highlight was definitely watching a little kid dab and scream as he went down the kids equivalent of a big drop haha.

What’s your favourite theme park/show ride?

Lil out X


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