G’day mate,

I’ve been working on my room for a while now and honestly it still doesn’t feel finished. It probably never will feel finished but none the less, I still wanted to share my progress with you.



One of the main things I decided to change in my room was the colour. I’ve wanted a blue room for the longest time and I was finally able to talk my parents into letting me do it.




I didn’t show it before but one wall in my room is a built in wardrobe with sliding mirror doors and the wall right next to it is a giant window.

The new blue colour of my room is so calming and mellow, making my room more relaxing.

So starting with my desk area, one of the things I wanted to incorporate in my room décor was travel.


I decided to get some more greenery around my room to brighten it up and give it some life. The candles make my room more cosy and inviting.



I wanted to display more of my books in my room hopefully to encourage me to read a lot more.


Here is a photo of the overall finished desk area.


I wanted to keep my polaroid photo collage because I really do love looking at it everyday and remembering all the awesome things in my life. As you can see it isn’t quiet finished because I’m always taking and adding new photos to the wall.


I got different bedding, I got a simple white embellished quilt to give my room a more minimalistic vibe.



You might recognise the throw pillows from my “What I Got For Christmas” blog post and also Cotton Tail form my “Bunnies and Chocolate” blog post (I don’t have the heart to pack him away just yet even though Easter is over).

I wanted to keep the same minimalist feel for my bedside table which is why I only decorated it with a single photo and the book I’ve been reading recently.


This bed side table isn’t the one I originally planned on getting but I honestly love it more than the one I was going to get. This one was really inexpensive, I got it from Target for $39.

I definitely love my room a lot more now, I feel like it just reflects my personality and is my safe haven.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have been inspired to do a bit of your own room makeover.

If you could change one thing in your room, what would it be?

Lil Out X









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