G’day mate,

Here are some of the main fashion trends that I have been noticing and am completely loving so far in 2017.


1.Ripped jeans and fish net stockings: I love this trend, I think it looks so edgy and badass. Maybe even a little punk rock. I got my ripped jeans from Asos (here) and I already had the fish net stocking but you can pretty much find them in every clothing shop now.


2.Gingham print and frills: This old style is making a come back. When ever I see this print I always think of Alice In Wonderland. The pattern is super cute and classy and the style of the frills makes it a bit more feminine.


3.80’s style glasses:  I have always loved the look of glasses so I am extremely happy it’s back in style. I personally think that “Stranger Things” has something to do with the sudden fashion trend but I’m not complaining. I ordered mine off Asos (here).


4.Embroidery: This ones been a trend for a while now but it’s still going strong. No matter what it is as long as it’s embroided it still works. My all time favourite embroided thing that I own is this reversible bomber jacket from Bardot ( unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for it online ).


Another thing you can do is buy embroided iron on patches and simply iron them onto whatever piece of clothing you want. I got mine from Asos (here).

leopard print

5.Statement Animal Print: I have never really been a fan of animal print but it’s definitely growing on me. Having a little kind of animal print in you outfit can definitely tie everything together or make a plain outfit more edgy. One example I have on this are these gorgeous shoes I was dying to buy on Asos (here) but they are out of stock in my size ughhh.


6.PJ style shirt: This definitely took a lot of my confidence to pull off wearing a PJ style shirt in public but I love it. It looks so elegant and mature. The Japanese design of mine is so beautiful and eye catching.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

What are your favourite fashion trends so far in 2017?

Lil Out X



    1. Yeah, some of these latest trends definitely take a bit of confidence to pull off. I didn’t mind the jeans and fishnets but I found that the gingham print was difficult for me to pull off because it isn’t something I would normally wear. I’m glad I was able to inspire you to try it out anyway xx

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