G’day mate,

it’s been a while since I’ve done a haul so I thought it was time to bring it back to my blog. Lately I’ve been doing lots of online shopping on Asos and now it’s time to share what I’ve bought.  

Also sorry for the really poor quality of these photos, the sun was just not on my side today and it ended up being super cloudy.



The first thing  bought, which i actually saw Zoe Sugg wearing and I just had to get, was this stripped T-shirt with heart break badges . I love this shirt, it’s so simple and cute. I especially love the badge, “You break it, you pay for it”.


I have wanted one of these for a while because I think they are just great standard T-shirts. I got a light blue adidas Originals Three Stripe Boyfriend T-Shirt  . It’s a perfect staple piece in any wardrobe.


Next I got a Noisy May Denim Dungaree Dress, I have also wanted ones of these for ages. One of the girls I work with always wears one and I think it looks adorable. I also wanted to change up my style a little bit and start wearing things I wouldn’t normally wear.



This Lazy Oaf oversized stripped T-shirt is so comfortable. It says “Not right now” on it which is the story of my life haha.


Next I thought I’d hop on the trend wagon and buy some fake glasses. These Geeky Clear Lens Metal Round Glasses look super cute on and are totally channelling my inner nerd.



I was inspired to buy this shirt when I saw Marzia Bisognin wearing a pyjama style shirt, she was wearing one that was a plum purple and had bees all over it but it wasn’t completely my style. So I went searching for something with a bit more of an Asian print and I discovered this gorgeous Pyjama Blouse with Bird Print. I can not express how much I love this shirt. It’s definitely my style since I love Asian prints, they are just so beautiful to me.


These High Waisted Mom Jeans with Rips are a staple in any fashionistas wardrobe. Super comfortable, slimming and look amazing on.



With this Boohoo Ruffle Gingham Tie Back Top I was trying to expand my style a bit and not gonna lie I thought it would be added to my list of things I regret buying but to my pleasant surprise I actually like it. The cut outs in the back of the top are so elegant and give the old-fashioned gingham pattern a bit more of an updated feel.


This Denim Borg Jacket in Mid Wash Blue  gives me serious Wolverine vibes. Ever since I was little I’ve always loved Wolverine and his style, he always looks so badass. This jacket is kind of channelling my inner Logan haha. I love this jacket, I’ve wanted one like this forever and I’m so glad I found it. Not even to mention how warm it is.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been spending all my money on lately haha.

What is your favourite store/website to shop on?

Lil Out X


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