G’day mate,

as much as I read normal fictional teen books, I also love books that are more educational, visual and artistic.

Here are a couple of books that I’ve purchased and borrowed recently that aren’t your typical teen book.



1.”Maps” by Daniel Mizielinski: This book is gorgeous, it is an illustration of continents and countries showing boarders, popular destinations and important tourist sites. It also includes facts about each country which are also illustrated.



2.”Abandoned Places” by Henk Van Rensbergen: This book contains amazing photographs of abandoned places all around the world. It has little back stories and explanations behind some of the places photographed. It is an easy read and beautiful to look at. The photographs are amazing at provoking certain emotions. I’ve showed it to some of my friends and they were amazed at it.


3.”Memoirs Of A Geisha” by Arthur Golden: I’ve already spoken about this book before in my “April Goals” blog post. I love this book, it’s so amazing. The main character and story line is so enticing and interesting. I could not recommend this book more to you. If you are interested in Japanese history you will love this book.



4.Japanese from Zero! 1: I have a love for Asian culture especially Japanese and I have always wanted to travel to Japan. So naturally I want to learn a bit about speaking Japanese. I’ve looked at lots of other “learning Japanese” books and text books and this is by far the best I’ve ever used. So if you interested in learning Japanese definitely give this book a go.


5.Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner: This book has definitely given me a bit more of an insight into enjoying living life with less rather than working to have more and still be unhappy. This book definitely makes you think and is set out in a way that lets you see into Erin’s mind set. The serious tone of the book is cleverly broken up with different memories, stories and even helpful recipes and tips to use in daily life. if you are looking for a book to help with you mental health I recommend you give this book a read.



6.”Robin the Boy Wonder” 75 year anniversary comic collection: Since I’m such a nerd I thought it was worth adding in this one. This is a complete collection of every comic book Robin has featured in since he was created 75 years ago. Robin is one of my favourite comic book characters and if you’re wondering which one is my favourite it’s Damian. I love looking at all the old art styles and seeing how comics have progressed through the years. So if you’re a nerd like me and love Robin I recommend you check this book out.

That is all the interesting books I have for you today. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

What interesting books have you been reading lately?

Lil Out X












11 thoughts on “BOOKS OF INTEREST

  1. That Geisha book sounds amazing, definitely something I would be interested in. Thank you for sharing! You have a lovely blog here too by the way, well done on all your hard work pretty lady! x

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