G’day mate,

I’m running out of intros for these kinds of blogs haha! Anyway let’s get right into what I’ve been doing this month.

May Goals:

1.Expand the fashion section on blog

2.Read “Chasing Slow” by Erin Loechner

3.Clean out my laptop

Goal 1: Expand the fashion section on my blog

So this month I wanted to try and expand my fashion section on this blog. I feel like I have been neglecting it for a while but finally it is time to revamp the fashion blog posts.

The fashion related blog posts that I have published this month are; “Current Fashion Trends“, “Asos Haul” and “My Fashion Inspiration“.

fashion blog posts.PNG

Goal 2: Read “Chasing Slow” by Erin Loechner

I’ve spoken about this book before in my “Books of Interest” blog post but I really loved this book. I found it very helpful and insightful. It is definitely a book that makes you think about your life and what you want to achieve.


Goal 3: Clean out my laptop

The main reason I put this on my list is because when I blog about beauty and products I end up with a bunch of photos that I don’t need and don’t use. It’s important for me to go through and clean out the photos on my computer.

TIP: It’s a lot easier if you upload them from your phone so they naturally sort themselves into chronological order.

clean out computerr

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

What goals did you have this month and did you complete them?

Lil Out X


7 thoughts on “MAY GOALS 2017

  1. I do more seasonal goals but some of them are going better than others. That sounds like an interesting book, I’m currently trying to update my library. It looks like your goals are going great, congratulations.

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