G’day mate,

Today I wanted to do the “Currently I Am” tag. I saw this on Lia’s blog “Happiness Is A Piece Of Cake“, so make sure you go and check her blog out. With out further ado let’s get into this tag.

Also I would love it if you would add in an image of what you are currently doing or maybe an adventure you have currently been on. At the time of writing this blog post I was messaging my parents who are currently in Queensland. This is one of the photos they sent me.

Currently I am…

Missing… All my friends that are doing University exams and are too busy studying to hang out. Adulting sucks!!!

Wishing… I one day find meaning, that got pretty deep but seriously I hope that I find a purpose especially in my work. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to study next year and I am still tossing up between Nursing and Law.

Wearing… Ripped high-waisted mom jeans, a white crop top and a old flannel around my waist. I am about to go with my dad to the a tattoo place to get a consult.

Listening to… Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. It’s the opening song in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I low key love the soundtracks for those two movies.

Admiring… Women who stand up for body positivity. I would love to do a couple more blog posts on feminism and body positivity. I really want to help and promote being body positive especially for young girls who are unhappy with their body.

Using… Spotify, I love it, I love music and I don’t understand how I survived for so long without it. 

Feeling… content and a little hungry (but I’m always hungry).

Appreciating… the little things, like the fact that Maggie (one of our family dogs) loves me the most haha!

Loving the… fact I am working on my own body positivity and finally experimenting with my style.

Watching… Marvels Agents of Shield, OMG! I can not handle all the cliff hangers anymore.

Reading… “The One We Fell In Love With” by Paige Toon, I only just started it last night but I am loving it so far. Very interesting story line.

Craving… Every fatty food in existence. No, but seriously I just made a coconut cake yesterday and it is delicious. Don’t worry I plan to share the recipe with you all sometime soon. Promise!

Not sure of… my future. This is actually the same answer Lia gave and I fully agree with it. I still really want to move to England one day but I am also hoping to finish my Bachelor in Nursing before I go. That’s if I even enjoy nursing when I start it next year.

Determined to… get my first tattoo, I feel like I have been waiting forever to get it done but I think I am finally going to do it sometime this month. So pray for me because I’m a little baby.

Regretting… Every decision I ever made. Just kidding, I don’t actually have any major regret at the moment other than adding my boss and uncle on snapchat. That was a bad move, especially when you start drunk snapchatting. I think drunk snapchatting might even be worse than drunk texting.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I would love to see you guys give this tag a try and make sure you link my blog so I can read yours.

Lil Out X


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