G’day Mate,

So lately if you haven’t realised I’ve been trying really hard to improve my blog and have been changing a lot of things. Somehow it’s actually worked so I thought I would share a couple of tips and tricks to growing your blog and specifically how to express your individuality through your blog.

1.Blog about what you are interested in: pretty self explanatory but people want to read about things other people are passionate about, they don’t want to read the same blog posts about the same products or the same stories. The easiest way to express individuality through your blog is to blog about what you’re personally interested in.

2.Add pictures: a picture is worth 1000 words, they don’t even have to be your own. When I first started blogging I still had an IPhone 4 so I couldn’t use it to take photos because of how blurry they would have been. A lot of bloggers that are starting out use other peoples photos. Of course you need to be careful about copyright and don’t be secretive about using others photos. I said in many of my first blogs that my photos were from Pinterest.

3.Collabing isn’t compulsory: don’t feel the need to collab with everyone who approaches you. If you collab with friends and companies you are actually interested in you will write a lot more naturally and enthusiastically instead of trying to force content because it will definitely show.

4.Utilise social media: use social media as advertisement for your blog. My personal favourite is Instagram but don’t be annoying about it. No one likes a pest!

5. Interact with your audience: I know at first this might seem scary but every other blogger I have ever spoken to is absolutely wonderful. Actually I think the first blogger I ever spoke to was Bella. She’s awesome so shout out to her.

6. Use hashtags: this is how other people find your blog especially on Twitter and Instagram. There are even certain accounts on Twitter that are for blogger retweets, my favourite is @FemaleBloggerRT. shout out to them because they never fail to retweet any of my posts.

7. Don’t be a copy cat: it’s okay to be inspired by someone but don’t blatantly copy them.

8. Do blogging awards and tags: you need to be able to connect with your audience and make them feel like they know you personally.

9. Support other blogs: don’t be afraid to promote other blogs. It can be very hard to build up an audience at first but it’s a lot easier if every blogger helps each other out.

10.Don’t drown in emails: stay on top of emails because as your blog grows there will be a lot of different collabs and opportunities that you might miss if you don’t keep track of your inbox.

Thank you for reading and I hope my tips helped you. By no means am I saying that there is a right and a wrong way to blog but this is what personally helped my blog.

What are some of your blogging tips?

Lil Out X


12 thoughts on “LET’S CHAT ABOUT BLOGGING!

  1. I blog from the heart. I get lost in a post and my biggest trick is I never go back and change anything, I always keep my first draft (spell checking of course) but I always leave what I wrote when I was in the moment because those were the words that came straight from my heart x

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