G’day mate,

I may be a good baker but I am not a very talented cook so when I found this recipe I fell in love. I already love Mexican food and this recipe is basically tacos but just replacing the shell with lettuce. So I guess you could say it’s healthy haha!

I know this type of food has a technical name but I am not quiet sure what it is. For now we shall call them TACO IMPOSTERS! Or lettuce cups, whichever you feel comfortable with haha!

1.Place frying pan on stove, I normally put the dial on about 3/4 of the way. Then Spray “spray n’ cook” in the pan.

2.Put in your mince, you have to base it off how much you think you will need or what you would generally use for making tacos. I normally use about 500g and it feeds between 3-4 people. If you make too much, everyone loves leftovers, no worries.


3. Once the meat is cooked you can add in diced onions, tomatoes or anything else you would like to add. I personally like mine plain. Then you want to add in the taco mix. I just use the Old El Paso original mix that you can buy from Coles.




4. Once the mix is added you want to let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

5. While that is still simmering you can wash your lettuce. I personally love iceberg lettuce the most!

6. Then when that’s all cooked you just have to put it on a plate and you’re done. Extremely easy, quick and delicious!


If you want you can always serve the mince already rolled in the lettuce and just stick a toothpick through the middle to keep it in place.

I just thought it was worth sharing sine it’s such a hassle free recipe. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

What is one of your easy go-to dishes?

Lil Out X



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