G’day mate,

It’s officially cold in Australia even though you could still probably get away with wearing a crop top on the good days.

The clouds are becoming darker and the rain is beginning to pour down. I don’t mind rainy days, it gives me a chance to kick back and relax. It’s also a great excuse to stay inside haha!

So here are some activities I do when I’m house bound on a rainy day.

1.Blog : surprise, surprise! I always have an endless amount of things to photograph, write about and plan for.

2.Playing board games : Obviously you need a friend or family member to do this with but I love having a games night. I just love playing board games and I’m also super competitive haha. But just remember that the way you handle a lose shows character so don’t make yourself look like a brat.

3.Watch youtube/movies : I love just chilling in bed for the day and catching up on some of my favourite youtubers or TV series.

4.Reading : It’s always nice to curl up and read a good book, if you need any recommendations I suggest “All The Bright Places” By Jennifer Niven or “We Were Liars” By E. Lockhart

5.Watching the rain : Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and watch the rain pour. I know some people will find it boring but I love it, I think it’s the simplicity of enjoying such a natural process that everyone takes for granted.

6.Spa day : Everyone loves a cheeky spa day. If you want to read about what I typically do on a spa day there’s step by step instructions in my “April 2017” blog post.

7.Picking up a new hobby : life’s short so why not learn something new. Pick up that old, dusty instrument your sibling never uses or that old language book that no one has ever used and get to it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that the next time you’re house bound due to the weather, you won’t be so bored.

What kind of activities do you enjoy on a rainy day?

Lil Out X


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