G’day mate,

No, this blog post is not about the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, although that was a good movie and will always remain one of mine and my mothers favourite chick flick’s for a girls night in.

My most cherished family air loom without a doubt is my Grandmothers (also known as G’mama) Japanese scarf. This scarf was given to me when I was very young, at the time I didn’t understand the importance of the scarf however I luckily held onto it over the years.

Later on when I was in high school I asked her about the scarf and its origin, she told me it was a gift to her from my late Grandad (also know as G’diddy, yeah my grandparents had cool nicknames haha!) when he travelled to Japan for work.

My Grandad travelled a lot for his job since he bought materials for his company which manufactured metal for structures. Fun fact it was the same company that built the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Anyway without fail every time my Grandad went away for work he would always bring back Gran a present. The scarf was only one of many, but definitely the most beautiful in my opinion.

Generally I’m not a very sentimental person but something about this scarf makes my heart swell. So here are some photos of me in my Grandma’s green scarf.





If you look closely you can see my dogs little nose on my thigh haha! That’s what I’m smiling about.


They wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to get these photos taken but they also didn’t want to co-operate and pose to be in them. They just wanted a butt scratch haha!

My body suit is from Bardot, jeans from General Pants Co, shoes are from Cotton On and my scarf is G’mama’s.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Do you have any treasured family air looms?

Lil Out X



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