G’day mate,

As you may know lately I have been practising minimalism and the other day when I went to do my makeup I realised how many products I have in there that I don’t use anymore. It’s time to declutter my make-up drawers so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I got rid of and the reasons why.


Firstly, let’s start off with this Maybelline Fit Me foundation, I actually love the foundation itself but my problem with this is that I got it in an extremely darker shade than what my skin tone actually is. I have since bought one that matches my skin tone so I am finally getting rid of this one.


I attempted to use this and I couldn’t even finish the winged eyeliner with it. Personally this Rimmel liquid eyeliner is horrible. For some reason it has a ball on the end rather than coming to a point which makes it extremely hard to use and achieve a precisely sharped wing. I didn’t even get to test out how long the eyeliner lasted because I couldn’t even apply it. Waste of money! Do not buy this product!


When I first started contouring this was what I used, it’s the master sculpt contour by Maybelline. Since then I have been able to afford better contour kits and bronzers. As you can tell I still love the highlighter in this set but I found the contour didn’t really work with my skin tone. Rather than get rid of it I might see if my mum wants it because at the end of the day it’s still a good product.


This mascara was so well advertised I just had to try it and honestly I never used it. The wand is such an awkward shape I felt like I could only use it for the bottom lashes. It is good for getting the lashes at the corner of your eyes but other than that it felt as if its shape made the mascara apply unevenly.


This is a Revlon blush and yet again it was one of my favourite products back when I first started wearing makeup but now that I can afford better products I never use it. It’s still a perfectly fine product and I know my Mum’s in need of a new blush so I’ll just hand it down to her.


The Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Lash (water proof), was one of the only water proof mascaras I had which is why I kept it for so long even though I never really used it. It was indeed waterproof but unless I knew I was going to be swimming, or doing anything involving water getting on my face, I just wouldn’t wear it as an every day mascara.


Last but not least, the Mikasa eye make-up brush, this was the only brush in the pack of Mikasa brushes I order that I had a problem with. I even complained about the brush in the review blog post I did for Mikasa. Like I said in the post it just felt to hard on my eyelids, the brush wasn’t soft enough and in general I don’t like using oval brushes for eye make-up. It just feels awkward to me.

That’s the end of my make-up drawer declutter, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Is your make-up drawer in need of a declutter?

Lil Out X


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