G’day mate,

The other week I published a blog post about decluttering my make-up drawers (here) and how I want to accomplish a more minimalistic lifestyle. I received a lot of great feed back on that post so I thought I’d share more about how to master the minimalistic lifestyle.

Now I haven’t mastered the art of minimalism myself yet but I have learnt some great tactics that are worth sharing. Here are some tips for accomplishing a minimalistic lifestyle:

  1. The William Morris method. An English Architect that laid down the golden rule for keeping a minimalist  home; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

Do you really need those cute yet uncomfortable nude pumps that you never wear? Do you really need 20 different bags to coordinate with different outfits? Is there really any point to keeping all your old room décor that went out of style last year? No? Get rid of it!

2. Only keep what you love. When cleaning out your wardrobe if you have not worn it within a year of when you bought it then give it away. Get rid of all the things that you barely or never wear so that the only things left in your wardrobe are the things you love and wear repeatedly.

3. Hide n’ seek. If you are ever unsure of getting rid of anything, put it in storage (hide it away) and if you do not go looking for it in the next couple of months give it away. If it’s not worth remembering, it’s not worth keeping.

4.Less is more. When decorating a room don’t feel the need to completely fill every shelf with books, knickknacks and photos. Some things are better left bear. Even if it means forsaking those half a dozen throw pillows you have on your bed.

5.The “one in, one out” rule. There is no point cleaning out your wardrobe to only replace the clothes you’ve given away with more. Ask yourself “do I really need this”, stop impulse buying, give a lot of thought to what your money goes towards. Is this item really worth my hard earned money? my time spent at work? If you really love something you will remember it in a weeks time and go back and get it but if not then it’s not worth your money.

After a while of giving things away you will actually learn to enjoy it. It begins to feel liberating, there are less belongings to hold you back. People too often get trapped by their own belongings.

One book that really got me started on practicing minimalism was “Chasing Slow” by Erin Loechner. I have spoken about her book before in previously blog posts but I extremely recommend it if you are serious about chasing a minimalistic lifestyle.

These are only some starting points for becoming a minimalist. Minimalism encompasses more than how many items you have in your wardrobe or your self control when choosing how many throw pillows will decorate your bed. It will find it’s way into your time management, work life, meal plans even discourage you from multitasking. Some things are better off simple.

Lil Out X


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