G’day mate,

I finally have enough favourites to do another monthly favourites. Yay! Lately I’ve found it hard to find my favourite products because now that I’m trying to be more minimalistic I don’t buy as much and don’t have many products to test and try out. So my “monthly favourites” are going to turn into “every other month-ly favourites”.


The Stila Heavens Hue “Transcendence” Highlighter – This highlighter is gorgeous! Ever since I bought it, it has been the only one I use. The pigmentation is amazing and it really makes your cheeks POP! I was very concerned that I wouldn’t like it because of how pink and purple it looks in the package but it is amazing.


The Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer –  I am in love with this product. I used to struggle so much with having eyeshadow crease one my eye but this product put a stop to it. Without a doubt in my mind, this product has made my eyeshadow look one hundred times better and last exceptionally longer. Obviously you are going to have to blend a bit more when you use this primer but that’s the same for any eyeshadow primer. If you have having troubles with creasing in your eyeshadow I extremely recommend this primer.


The Lush Fantasy liquid Eyeliner – I’ve already mentioned plenty of times that I love Lush because their products are amazing and they are cruelty free. Since I’ve mainly used their skincare and bath range I thought I’d give their makeup a try. I remember seeing Marzia Bisognin use this and it looked amazing. This eyeliner definitely lived up to my expectation. It looks gorgeous and can change a simple eyeshadow look  for 0 to 100 real quick (ughh I’m cringing at my own use of this outdated meme but it was the best way I could find to describe how I feel about this liquid eyeliner). I am definitely going to check out the rest of the Lush makeup range.



The Bioré Charcoal Nose Strips – I have always had blackheads on my nose ever since I was in primary school. They have never really gone away, I tried these strips to try and get rid of my blackheads once and for all. They work amazingly and definitely clear your pores but unfortunately since I am prone to blackheads on my nose they haven’t really stopped the blackheads. Don’t get me wrong, this product does work perfectly well but it hasn’t made any massive difference in my appearance or my blackheads. It’s still an amazing product that I find myself buying every time I walk past them in the shopping centre.


The Clinique Facial wash Soap – I spoke about this product in my “Travelling Essentials” post. I think this is a staple in any girls skincare arsenal. Behind every amazing girl is a reliable face wash. Not exactly how that saying goes but you get the point.



“The Kindness Pact” by Dominique Bertolucci – I bought this book from Kikki-K and I’ve only started reading it but I am in-love with the message. I have been trying to promote body positivity more on this blog (if you haven’t already noticed) so when I saw this book I thought it would be a great thing to learn about so I can help other people with their confidence issues.



The Swarovski jacket earrings – Jacket earrings are my new obsessing, they are like two earrings in one. I did splurge a little for these but I absolutely love them. Plus they are the first earrings I’ve bought for myself since having my ears pierced.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I always kind of feel bad when posting monthly favourites because I feel like I’m showing off and I hate it. But you all seem to really enjoy my monthly favourites so alas I shall continue.

Do you have any piercings?

Lil Out X



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