G’day mate,

This post is a collaboration with one of my good blogger friends Bella, so make sure you go and check out her blog post on her holy grail products because it’s amazing. She chose a couple of different products but I just wanted to focus on this one concealer in particular. Continue reading “MY HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER”



G’day mate,

As you may know lately I have been practising minimalism and the other day when I went to do my makeup I realised how many products I have in there that I don’t use anymore. It’s time to declutter my make-up drawers so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I got rid of and the reasons why. Continue reading “MAKE-UP DECLUTTER”


G’day Mate,

I’ve been really slack with my monthly favourites. I love doing them but I just forget about it when I’m busy planning so many other blog posts that I’m excited about. I’ve hoarded all of my favourites for months waiting for the next time I’ll do a monthly favourites blog. Now finally today’s the day, so let’s get right into it. Continue reading “CURRENT FAVOURITES”